Isolite System:

What are the primary benefits of Isolite?

Lighting up your mouth for the benefit of both dentist and patient:

The Isolite system is a device that goes into the patient’s mouth on the side and provides vacuum suction for moisture in the mouth and a light that illuminates the mouth completely for the dentist to be able see better to work better. It has 5 different light settings, including a “Cure-safe” mode for light sensitive materials. Having plenty of light to see means your dentist can offer better care and easier procedures.

There are four primary benefits to the Isolite System:
  1. Increased visibility: by lighting up the mouth from within, Isolite provides a unique shadowless illumination that makes it easier for both the dentist and the patient.
  2. Quick, reliable isolation: it’s the only dental device that provides continuous retraction, protection, and even aspiration.
  3. Faster procedures: Dentists, dental assistants, and hygienists that use Isolite are able to reduce procedure times by 20-50%!
  4. Better ergonomics: Doctors, hygienists, and technicians that use Isolite tell us that they are able to enjoy their work and even extend their careers

Do the mouthpieces contain latex?
No! The mouthpieces are both latex and silicone free, making them hypoallergenic!

Is the Isolite mouthpiece uncomfortable for the patient?
Not at all! When the mouthpiece is sized correctly, it increases patient comfort by giving them a place to rest their jaw so they no longer worry about their tongue or cheek being injured and can relax!

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