Isolite System

What are the primary benefits of Isolite?

There are four primary benefits of the Isolite System:

  • Increased visibility. By lighting the patient's oral cavity from within the mouth, Isolite provides a unique, shadowless illumination that benefits both practitioner and patient.
  • Quick, reliable isolation. Isolite is the only dental device that delivers continuous retraction, protection, and aspiration.
  • Faster procedures. Dentists, dental assistants and hygienists using Isolite are reducing procedure times by 20-50%, making the entire practice more productive.
  • Better ergonomics. Doctors tell us they enjoy dentistry more. Hygienists and technicians tell us it has extended their careers.

Do the mouthpieces contain latex?
No. The mouthpieces are hypo-allergenic, latex, and silicone free.

Is the Isolite mouthpiece uncomfortable for the patient?
No. When sized correctly, patients experience increased comfort. It gives them a place to rest their jaw and they no longer worry about their tongue or cheek being injured. They relax.